Las Vegas Classic Rules

The Las Vegas Classic (LVC) is United States Bowling Congress (USBC) certified.  The LVC consists of four separate scratch singles events with Qualifying and Cashers' Rounds, Bracketed Match Play, and Individual Match play.  The LVC is limited to 150 entries.

     All participants must be current USBC members and in good standing with the USBC .  If not previously verified, proof of USBC membership must be shown during registration.  If current USBC membership cannot be verified, a USBC associate membership card must be purchased at a cost of $26.00.
     Except for the Sweeper on Monday, February 3, 2020, LVC sweepers are limited to bowlers who have otherwise entered the LVC.  Employees of South Point and other LVC sponsors and supporters who meet the eligibility requirement(s) may enter the LVC.

     The LVC Entry Fee including the SPSS Logo Infusion Championship is $800.00.  A deposit of $400.00 will reserve an entry in each of the three daily Challenge events as well as the 900 Global Championship.  The remaining balance ($400) must be received no later than January 18, 2020.  Optional Sweepers, Brackets, Side Pots, and Century Doubles will be available at additional cost.
     Bowlers may enter one or more of the three one-day Challenge events for $225.00 each.  Entries for individual Challenge events will not be processed until January 18, 2020 and entry priority will be given to bowlers paying the full entry fee ($800.00) over bowlers entering events individually.  Bowlers entering the Challenge events individually at the $225 rate will not qualify for the LVC 900 Global Championship.  Fees paid using a Credit or Debit Card may be assessed a non-refundable processing fee.

     Entry for any LVC event (excluding sweepers) must be paid in full before the start of the official LVC practice session scheduled for Monday, February 3, 2020 at 2:30 PM.  If a bowler chooses to NOT participate in the official practice session, their entry will be accepted up to one hour prior to the start of the event they are entering or until the tournament field is full, whichever occurs first.  The LVC is limited to 150 entries.

     There is no fee for a withdrawal through Sunday, January 12, 2020.  For withdrawals between January 13, 2020 and February 2, 2020, a refund will be given less a $100 Cancellation Fee.  Competitors who withdraw after the start of the LVC practice session are not entitled to a refund.
     Pre-paid sweeper entries will be refunded automatically for bowlers who qualify for a conflicting Challenge Finals.  Pre-paid sweeper entry fees for “No-Shows” (bowlers who do not inform LVC management of their withdrawal from a sweeper at least 15 minutes prior to the sweeper start time) are non-refundable.  For entries paid with a credit or debit card, the event entry fee will be refunded in accordance with the withdrawal timeline.  Credit card processing fees are non-refundable.
     Competitors who withdraw/cancel may obtain their own replacements.  Bowlers who obtain replacements must make their own arrangements as to repayment of their individual entry fees.  LVC must be notified of replacements prior to the close of entries.

     Prize ratio for the Challenge events will be at least three (3) prizes for each ten (10) entrants.  Senior prizes (for entrants age 50 and over as of the start date of the event) and Ladies' prizes (if applicable) will be paid in accordance with each specific event format.  In addition to the prize money, event champions will receive symbolic awards.
     Prize winnings will be paid by check from the Las Vegas Classic Tournament Office, and should be available 1 hour after the event conclusion.  Prize winnings that are not distributed will be mailed to participants within 30 days of the conclusion of the LVC. The only sums to which a participant will be entitled for bowling in this tournament are those prizes or awards that may be won by the participant in this tournament.  If for any reason a bowler wishes to waive the prize money, it is that bowler’s responsibility to notify tournament management in writing at the time of registration regarding their refusal of the prize money.  If the prize money is waived, the amount will be returned to the prize fund for distribution.
     The IRS requires LVC to furnish 1099 forms to individuals who accumulate winnings of $600 or more annually in any LVC tournament.  Therefore, social security numbers must be provided per IRS regulations.  Failure to provide a social security number (U.S. citizens) or Individual Tax ID Number-ITIN (Non-US citizens) to SPSS will result in a 30% tax reduction of the prize winnings.

     All bowlers must "check in" during initial registration on Monday, February 3, 2020.  If not previously verified, a current USBC membership card must be shown at the initial registration.  Roll call attendance is mandatory prior to each round of competition.

     Squad and Lane Assignments will be posted on the official tournament webpage ( no later than three days prior to the first day of qualifying.  Squad and Lane Assignments will also be posted in or near the paddock.  It is each bowler’s responsibility to know which squad as well as the starting lane they have been assigned.
      If a bowler is late for their squad, they will receive zero for each frame missed.  Bowlers who are late for an earlier squad will not be moved to a later squad except for special circumstances.
     Tournament management reserves the right to change the number of qualifying squads in the tournament as late as seven days prior to the first day of qualifying.

     The definition of the “Start of Competition” is when the participant’s first ball is thrown for score during any round in which score is counted.  A bowler arriving late will begin play and their score will count beginning with the frame then being bowled in all rounds of competition.

     Each bowler is allowed two re-racks per game during all tournament play.  Additional re-racks may be granted with Tournament Management’s permission.

     Qualifying for each of the single-day Challenge events consists of six games across twelve lanes.  Three games will be bowled on each side of the Bowling Plaza.  During qualifying for the Challenge events, players may request crossing partners.  Requests will be accommodated to the extent that lane availability still exists and all players are agreeable.  Players will cross the with the same partners during qualifying for all three Challenge events.  The 32 players qualifying for the LVC 900 Global Championship are determined by their Composite Qualifying Positions in each of the three single-day Challenge events.

     The stepladder finals will be a single-elimination format, with the exception(s) as stated in the event format.  Positions #5 and #4 will bowl a one game match, that winner will bowl against #3 and so on until all bowlers have bowled.  The last match will consist of the winner of the previous match vs. Seed #1 to determine the champion.  The higher seed in each match will have the choice of which bowler begins the match on the left lane.

     In each match prior to the Championship Match:

  • Two bowlers will start the match on the left lane and one bowler will start the match on the right lane. The highest seed will have starting lane and bowling order choice.  The next higher seed will have starting lane choice.  The lowest seed will be assigned the remaining lane and starting position.  The first bowler on the left lane will start AND finish the match first.
  • ​ In the Championship Match(es), the #1 seed will choose which bowler starts the match on the left lane.
  • Match 1: Single game including 6th, 7th, and 8th seeds.  Highest score advances.  Players not advancing finish 7th and 8th respectively.
  • Match 2: Single game including Match 1 winner and 4th and 5th seeds.  Highest score advances.  Players not advancing finish 5th and 6th respectively.
  • Match 3: Single game including Match 2 winner and 2nd and 3rd seeds.  Highest score advances.  Players not advancing finish 3rd and 4th respectively.
  • Championship: One or two single game matches including Match 3 winner and #1 Seed.  If the Qualifying Leader is also the Cashers’ Round leader, that bowler must be defeated twice in the Stepladder Finals.

Qualifying, Cashers', and Match Play Rounds

     If there is a tie for the final position(s) needed to complete the field for the Cashers’, Bracket, Match Play, Stepladder Finals, 900 Global Championship Finals, one complete game shall be bowled.  LVC management will determine the roll-off pair and a coin flip will determine lane choice.  The bowler with the highest single game in the tied round shall call the flip.  Bowlers shall have five minutes of practice.  The bowler on the left lane will start.  If a tie still exists at the end of the game, a one-ball roll-off will be bowled.  The frame will be bowled on the same lane on which each bowler finished the game.  Bowler on the left lane will start first.  This procedure will be followed until a tie is broken.
Stepladder Finals
     If a tie exists at the end of any Stepladder Finals match, a one-ball roll-off will be bowled.  Higher seed will get choice of starting lane and bowling order.  Both bowlers bowl on the same lane.  If a tie still exists after the first ball, the bowlers will switch lanes and the bowler order is reversed.  Bowlers will continue to alternate lanes and reversing bowling order until the tie is broken.
LVC 900 Global Championship
     Ties for seeding positions for the LVC 900 Global Championship (including the 8th and 16th positions) will be resolved using the bowler’s total 18-game pinfall from the Qualifying Rounds of the previous three daily Challenge events.  If a tie still exists, the bowler’s highest 6-game qualifying block will be used.

     Each entrant will be allowed a maximum of 12 bowling balls in the bowling center (including the paddock) at one time.  Any or all bowling balls may be changed before or after any block.  Bowling balls MAY NOT be used prior to their Word-Wide Release date.
     All bowling balls must meet USBC specifications.  Plugged bowling balls are allowed.  Random bowling ball checking may be done as deemed necessary by tournament management.  A bowler may request to have their bowling balls checked prior to competition.  Once competition begins, the outer surface of the ball may only be cleaned with a dry towel.  No substance (rosin, drying powder, etc.) may be applied to the ball.  No substance, including but not limited to talcum powder and EZ Slide, can be applied to the bottom of a player’s shoes.
NOTE: The Tournament Director may allow a player to remove foreign substances from the bowling ball surface with authorized cleaners on a case-by-case basis.

     Bowling on the wrong lane constitutes a dead ball situation provided it is protested before the offending competitor (or their opponent in Match Play) bowls again.  If a competitor rolls a strike on the wrong lane, the strike is not counted and the competitor must bowl again on the correct lane.  If the competitor does not strike, the pin count will stand and the competitor must attempt the spare on the same lane. Subsequent frames shall be bowled on the correct lane(s).

     Three different "reasonably scorable” patterns, as determined by tournament management, will be used.  The patterns will be 35, 39, and 43 feet in length.  Patterns will be posted on the official SPSS web site and at the tournament venue no later than the official practice day.

     All tournament bowlers shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while in the host center or on the property of the host center and on social media before, during, and after the event.  Any criticism by a tournament bowler who discusses the sponsor, host center or personnel, lane conditions or pins, SPSS or its staff, or their fellow competitors in an unfavorable manner or who otherwise engages in actions unbecoming a SPSS bowler in the opinion of the Tournament Director shall be in violation of the Code of Conduct.
     Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated on the lanes or inside the tournament venue.  Individuals are subject to ejection for engaging in improper tactics or conduct including, but not limited to, physical and verbal abuse toward another person.  Anyone found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct will be fined and may be refused entry to the event or disqualified from the competition in which the violation occurred and/or declared ineligible for future competitions.

  • First offense: $250
  • Second offense: $500; Third offense; $1,000

     The LVC regards electronic media such as message boards, conversation pages, and other forms of social networking (such as Facebook and Twitter) as important tools of communication and fan interaction.  Tournament participants may not use these platforms to defame or otherwise attack the integrity of the SPSS, its members, staff, sponsors, host center, or host center employees.

      The dress code is in effect for all LVC events including the official practice session.  A collared shirt with the participant’s name on the back is strongly encouraged for each event, but only required for the 900 Global Championship.  Mock turtlenecks or bowling jerseys without collars are allowed.  For shirts with names, lettering must be at least two inches in height.  Paper or pinned on name plaques are not acceptable.
     Men must wear dress slacks.  Women must wear dress slacks, skirts, or skorts.  Skirts and skorts must be longer than your fingers when arm is extended down the side of the body.  Examples of prohibited attire include but are not limited to:

  • Tank tops, halter tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti strap tops, hats (medical reason only), etc.
  • Workout attire, t-shirts, shorts, short skirts, bib overalls.
  • Cords, jeans, or denim of any kind

     Small fashion logos are permitted on apparel during LVC competition as long as they do not exceed six square inches.  Logos are defined as any lettering and or any illustration promoting a company, product and service, or membership organization.  Tournament management has the authority to fine a bowler $50 for each offense.  Tournament management decision will be final.
Penalty:  Bowlers will be required to change if attire is deemed inappropriate by tournament management.  Tournament Management decision will be final.


     A competitor shall have twenty-five (25) seconds to start their delivery once the lane courtesy requirement has been satisfied.  Slow bowling penalties will be assessed at the discretion of the tournament director.  Penalties will be assessed per event:

  • 1st Offense – Warning
  • Subsequent offenses - $100 each

Double Jumping
      Competitors must observe one pair lane courtesy (PBA-style) on each side of their pair at all times.  Double jumping occurs when a competitor on the same pair delivers his or her ball before one competitor from the pair to the right and one competitor from the pair to the left have made a delivery, unless those competitors are not ready to bowl.  Competitors may not "Double Jump."
     Bowlers are responsible to pace themselves accordingly with the pairs in front of them.  No warm-up shots will be awarded for slow bowling.


     Entrants are NOT permitted to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages while participating in this event.  This includes from the start of practice to the last ball thrown for score in qualifying, match play, and finals.  Bowlers ARE permitted to eat a small snack (ex: power bars, candy bars, fruit) during competition.


     Only tournament bowlers, LVC staff members, and approved ball company representatives are permitted to enter the locker room and use all equipment.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  The locker room will be locked no sooner than one (1) hour after the end of competition each day and opened no less than one (1) hour prior to the start of each day's competition.


     The Bowlers' Area is defined as the tiled area on the lanes' side of the concourse tables.  Only tournament competitors and SPSS staff / tournament volunteers are permitted in the bowlers' area during competition.  Media personnel covering the event may be permitted into the bowlers' area on a case-by-case basis.
    Bowling ball manufacturer representatives (Ball Reps) may remain in the bowlers' area during official practice and warm-up sessions only and must leave the bowlers' area when the warm-up session is complete.  Ball Reps must be in business casual attire at all times in the bowlers' area.  Competitors on incoming squads may not enter the bowlers' area until both their pair and adjacent pairs are finished.  Penalties will be assessed per event.

  • 1st Offense – Warning
  •  Subsequent Offenses, Conduct Violation - $100

     Protests involving eligibility or playing rules must be made to tournament management in writing within the time limits specified in USBC Rule 329. The decision of tournament management will be final unless a written appeal is filed with USBC Headquarters within the time limits in Rule 329.
     Protests concerning scoring accuracy must be filed with tournament management immediately.  Complaints concerning approach conditions or other equipment must be brought to the attention of the Bowling Center control desk.  An inspection will be made and, if needed, corrections will be made.  If the complaint is determined to be unwarranted, the contestant must proceed to bowl or the game(s) will be declared forfeited.

     The Tournament Director will make all decisions regarding the awarding of warm-up shots in the event of a mechanical breakdown of ten (10) minutes or more.  Timing will begin the moment the Tournament Director is notified of the breakdown.  An alternate pair shall be used whenever possible when awarding warm-up in the event of a breakdown.  If an alternate pair is not available, two (2) shots will be awarded on the lane opposite that where the competitor will throw their next shot for score.
     If a breakdown requires competitors to move to an alternate pair not previously used in the tournament, each competitor required to move will receive two (2) warm-up shots on each lane.

     The official Las Vegas Classic web site is which will contain up-to-date LVC information.  A Facebook Event page will also contain basic LVC information.  Search Facebook or Google “Las Vegas Classic”.  It is each bowler’s responsibility to check the tournament web site periodically for current information.


     A competitor who has entered the LVC 900 Global Championship and withdraws during either of the first two daily Challenge events may not obtain a replacement until the following day.  The withdrawing competitor may not re-enter any event of the LVC (excluding sweepers).  The replacement bowler IS NOT eligible for the LVC 900 Global Championship.  Replacements are not permitted at any time during the LVC 900 Global Championship Bracket Finals.
      A competitor who wishes to withdraw while the tournament is in progress must notify the bowlers on their pair and receive permission from the Tournament Director.  Failure to comply will result in a Conduct Violation.

     Tournament management has the final authority to make interpretations of all tournament rules and make decisions regarding anything not covered in the rules.Type your paragraph here.